School Day

Travelling to School

Most people walk or cycle to school and there are bicycle racks to lock up bikes.  We request that parents do not park in School Lane to collect or drop off children as it is a private road. We do have a bus lay-by but this is not available for general parking from 8.40am to 8.55am and from 3.15pm to 3.45pm, as we need to ensure the children can board and leave the bus safely from the pavement.


The School Day

Registration begins at 8.55am and the school day ends at 3.20pm.



All visitors should report to the school office via the main entrance.

Everyone who has any contact with the children including staff, parent helpers, governors and after school clubs has to be CRB checked.  We, like all schools, are adamant that this rule is strictly adhered to.

We take breaches of school security very seriously.  If you have any concerns, please tell a member of staff or a governor.


Beginning the Day

We request that children arrive after 8.45am and will be welcomed into the classrooms as they arrive.


Break times

The morning break for all children lasts for 15 minutes starting at 10.55am and is supervised by a member of staff. Children are encouraged to bring a ‘healthy snack’ to be eaten at break time.

The lunch break lasts for 1 hour, starting at 12.15pm and is supervised by 4 lunchtime supervisors.

Key Stage 1 children also have an afternoon break which lasts for 15 minutes and starts at approximately 2.15pm. This is supervised by a member of staff.

The children in each class are encouraged to drink water regularly and every child to have their own water bottle that they keep in their classroom.


Snacks and Lunches

The school provides fruit or vegetable snacks for all Key Stage 1 children during the morning break and Key Stage 2 children are welcome to bring in a healthy snack. We do have a healthy food policy, so fruit, vegetables or cereal bars make a good snack – but nothing with nuts or kiwi in – we have a no nut policy in school so our school lunches do not contain nuts and parents ensure that packed lunches are also nut free.

School lunches cost £2.25 each, there is a vegetarian option and they can be paid for weekly, monthly, half termly or termly.  Payments should be made in envelopes,or by the Online Payment System, in advance on the Monday .

There are regular ‘Special Lunch’ days – e.g. Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, etc. where ‘themed’ meals are prepared. Children can opt to have these meals even if they normally have a packed lunch.

Lunches are served on a class rota basis except for Class 1 who usually go first. The children are well supervised in the hall with extra emphasis placed on looking after our youngest little people.



The children attend an assembly every day. Our special celebration assembly usually takes place on a Friday.  Parents are most welcome to attend.  Work is sometimes shown, awards are presented, examples of excellent work are shared with the school and we even have the odd play or song to share!  These assemblies begin at 2.40pm and the only obligation parents have is to help put their chairs away at the end!


Ending the Day

The school day ends at 3.20pm and parents can wait for their children outside the main entrance or in the playground at the back of the school.  We just ask that parents and younger siblings stay out of the children’s sight as it’s hard enough to concentrate at the end of a busy day!  Unfortunately, the play equipment is not insured to be used by younger siblings.

To protect all our children as much as possible, we operate a no smoking policy on all the school grounds and buildings at all times. We also ask that dogs wait for their mini masters at the school gates.

To prevent accidents or damage to vehicles we ask that no bikes are ridden until outside the school.

If you are going to be delayed, please telephone the school office as soon as you can and we will get a message to the class teacher.


In Key Stage 1 the teachers release children to their individual parents at the gate between the two main playgrounds.

In Key Stage 2 a graduated scale of independence is provided, depending on individual maturity, culminating in children using buses to travel to Comberton Village College.

I hope the following guideline may help:

  • Older children, depending on maturity frequently prefer to walk or cycle home with friends or independently; something some parents request.
  • Children,  low to mid key stage, keen to develop independence and confidence, often prefer, with their parents encouragement, to meet up away from the main release areas.  In the event their parent is not waiting on the school playground, children are instructed to return to the teacher immediately.
  • Younger key stage 2 children, for the first term, are released by their teacher, at the gate, between the two main playgrounds; once the child confirms to the teacher that they can see their parent, they are then released.

We do ask parents to contact the school office if an adult other than their parent will be collecting them; alternatively, some parents prefer to pop in to speak to the teacher or leave them a written letter.  We try to work with individual families regarding this process.